Congregations open up their buildings to serve children, the hungry, the homeless and others in need. Sacred places stabilize neighborhoods, strengthen commercial districts and significantly add to the economic health of our communities. All of this is endangered, however, when congregations can no longer afford to maintain these aging buildings. Partners has developed a family of highly-acclaimed resources to help congregations connect better to their communities, raise capital funds in new ways and preserve their historic building for future generations. We are the nation's only non-sectarian, nonprofit organization dedicated the sound stewardship and active community use of America's older religious properties.

Texas Preservation Summit

What a great experience we had in Austin last week! It was such an honor to have been an organizational sponsor of the Texas Preservation Summit this year. We met many new friends and supporters and had the amazing opportunity to share our story and how we are working with congregations all across Texas.

For the first time ever, the statewide event was held in a historic church, Central Christian Church on Guadalupe Street.