Congregations open up their buildings to serve children, the hungry, the homeless and others in need. Sacred places stabilize neighborhoods, strengthen commercial districts and significantly add to the economic health of our communities. All of this is endangered, however, when congregations can no longer afford to maintain these aging buildings. Partners has developed a family of highly-acclaimed resources to help congregations connect better to their communities, raise capital funds in new ways and preserve their historic building for future generations. We are the nation's only non-sectarian, nonprofit organization dedicated the sound stewardship and active community use of America's older religious properties.

Galveston Project

Partners provided 10 congregations with New Dollars training, technical assistance, and financial resources to facilitate rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Ike. They are:
Congregation Beth Jacob
Primera Iglesia Bautista
First Baptist Church
St. Augustine of Hippo Episcopal Church
First Union Baptist Church
Grace Episcopal Church
Reedy Chapel AME Church
First Presbyterian Church
Trinity Episcopal Church and School
 Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church

Four of these congregations have been featured in Texas Architect Magazine.